What’s Going On, 13 July 2021 – Cost of Compliance, AMLC Real Estate Risk Assessement, More Crypto Resources

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I wasn’t going to publish an update this early in the week as I’m drowning paperwork and trying to catch up with all the PDFs I linked last week. I’m probably going to edit the relevant posts with my takes on each of the documents so that there’s more meat to the post than just a statement that “X has published a white paper/report/document that says Y”. But for that to happen, I need to really digest the documents, which takes a lot of time I don’t have at the moment.

So in the meanwhile, here are more white papers, reports and documents that have come out recently.

  • The AMLC has published a sectoral risk assessment for real estate, and it’s hot off the presses. I’m working on a “how-to” for risk assessments at the moment and having one of these to refer to is great.
  • Also fresh off the presses is a Thomson Reuter report on the Cost of Compliance. As you may already know, the rising cost of compliance is a major cause of concern for every covered institution in the world. Understanding the trends in what organizations are investing in with regard to their compliance needs helps give a proper strategic context to our own investments. This report requires registration – you can get a copy here.
  • CipherTrace has published a nice briefer on cryptocurrency for FIs entitled Everything Financial Institutions Need to Know About Cryptocurrency. While it’s not intended to be exhaustive, it provides enough information to get started on pretty much anything an FI would need – I’m looking at risk assessments, etc. – and this is useful in light of the fact that the Philippines’s biggest bank has decided not to support cryptocurrency purchases.
  • Last, and thankfully not another report or paper, next week I’ll be attending the Fraud & Financial Crime Asia Conference 2021, presented by Regulation Asia. Signup is free for qualified registrants, so I strongly recommend signing up for this as well.

Okay, that’s it for now – I’m going back to my papers.

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