What’s Going On, 14 July 2021 – All the Content I Forgot About Yesterday (Ransomware, Mostly)

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In my haste to get something (anything!) out yesterday, I completely forgot about some of the other content that I wanted to write about here. I was tempted to add these as an update to yesterday’s What’s Going On post, but I figured that there’s enough here to fill a whole new post about instead.

  • Ransomware is the talk of the town at the moment and there’s so much new content around it. The Washington Post has published a (relatively) beginner-friendly article about what ransomware is, what it does and how it works to disrupt organizations. You can read all about it here.
  • In related news, the hacking group behind the Kaseya attack has vanished, leaving many of their victims with no way to get hold of decryption keys. I normally wouldn’t write about it at all, but it seemed relevant to the topic.
  • Prof. Bill Buchanan, OBE, maintains a cybersecurity blog on Medium that I follow religiously. (I don’t understand everything, but I do appreciate the content.) One of his latest articles links to an analysis of the Bitcoin network that tries to identify the geographic location of actors. I’ve downloaded the paper and have added it to the “to-read” list, but I want to mention here that Prof. Buchanan’s blog is an absolute must-follow for anyone interested in cybersecurity.

Okay, that’s it – back to reading for me. More to come, possibly tomorrow. I’d like to get a post up about understanding the risk-based approach.

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